• Les Rendez-vous de la mode - UNROW

    At the heart of UNROW's creative vision, their designs are a testament to the dichotomy between emotions and reality

    August 20th, 2022

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    Cloud House is honored to unveil its latest collaboration with the Cultural and Education Department of the French Embassy in China. An event that celebrates two cultures, "Les Rendez-vous de la mode" has taken place in the courtyard, providing a platform for designers and artists alike to showcase their artistic vision. Despite the prevailing pandemic, the organizers have implemented stringent measures to ensure that all health protocols are strictly followed, resulting in a secure and hassle-free event for all attendees.


    The latest season of "Les Rendez-vous de la mode" has witnessed the unveiling of the latest collection by the renowned independent designer brand, UNROW. UNROW, a brand born of passion and ingenuity, has captured the essence of the zeitgeist with its innovative and inspiring creations. Their designs revolve around exploring inner emotions and the complexities of modern living, which has been the cornerstone of their numerous collections.


    At the heart of UNROW's creative vision is the art of amplifying micro feelings and using them as a catalyst for their design philosophy. Their designs are a testament to the dichotomy between emotions and reality, conveyed through their use of surreal and unconventional design language. UNROW has redefined contemporary fashion with its daring, edgy, and avant-garde approach, setting a new standard in the industry.

    The "Les Rendez-vous de la mode" has been elevated to new heights with the breathtaking performances by Beijing Contemporary Ballet's Zhu Jueling and Wang Chenyu, wearing head to toe in UNROW's design. The event also featured a mesmerizing performance by DJ Sanyo&Pex, imbuing the atmosphere with vivacious and scintillating energy.


    "Les Rendez-vous de la mode" has been a manifestation of the creative exchange between China and France, celebrating the unison of two vibrant cultures. The organizers' dedication to ensuring a safe and secure event has resulted in a memorable experience for all attendees. As we look toward the future, we are excited to continue exploring opportunities for cultural exchange and collaboration, setting new precedents in the world of fashion and art.

    Event View of “Les rendez-vous de la mode - UNROW”


    Courtesy of French Embassy in China