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  • Spring Breeze · Musical Journey: Quintet Concert

    Held on March 10 at Choi Centre Cloud House in Beijing

    March 10th, 2022

    The concert was hosted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Beijing Office (Beijing Office).


    This "Spring Breeze" series marks the first performance by a Hong Kong arts group in Mainland China organized by the Beijing Office since the full resumption of cross-border travel between Hong Kong and the Mainland. Spring is a season of renewal, and the concert series is named "Spring Breeze" to symbolize Hong Kong's return to normalcy as the spring breeze blows.


    The repertoire of the "Spring Breeze · Musical Journey: Quintet Concert" included themes such as Lingnan culture, Hong Kong intangible cultural heritage, Cantonese pop songs, traditional literature, and classic folk songs. Through arrangements and performances that blend Chinese and Western elements and integrate innovation, the concert showcased the unique cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the world.


    Musical Journey tells stories from different places through innovative performance techniques. The "Spring Breeze · Musical Journey: Quintet Concert" took the audience on a journey around the world. With melodious music, the piece "Parade Memories" led the audience to Hong Kong, where they could feel the lively atmosphere of the intangible cultural heritage event "Taiping Qingjiao"; "Joyful Teahouse" transported the audience to bustling Lingnan teahouses; and the "Shanbei Folk Song Suite" took everyone to Shaanbei to experience the local customs and traditions.


    Musical Journey, established in 2020, aims to explore and create by crossing different musical genres and styles, incorporating other cultural and artistic elements into music. The team members are all professional musicians, composers/arrangers, and arts administrators from Hong Kong.