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  • Shekhina Bora Shnitman

    If you see with innocent, everything is divine

    November 13th, 2022

    Born in the USSR, grew up in Israel, matured in China.

    Bora has been living in China for more than 10 years. He was a diplomat in Israeli embassy in Beijing. Currently, Bora is fulfilling the role of VP destination marketing in Dragon Trail International, working on projects related to international culture and tourism promotion in China and worldwide.


    In his photographs he brings to the viewer a perspective of observing the outside world through the inner lens. In his works, he combines extensive travel experience with multicultural background and a search for harmonious existence. In his daily life, Bora seeks a balance between being a marketing professional, creator, and spirituality practitioner. His previous photo series include “ReachinOut”, in which he explores the connection between humans and trees.


    In Hebrew, the word Shekhina (שכינה) translates as ‘divine presence’. In Arabic ( سكينة) it means ‘tranquillity’.

    After the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem in 70CE, the term ‘Shekhina’ could be found in writings by Jewish scholars and in Talmudic literature. However, precisely where this divine presence is to be found remains vague. The old city of Jerusalem is a mysterious and sacred place for the followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. According to the Jewish tradition it is the dwelling place of the divine spirit.

    In August 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic I made a journey to Jerusalem old city. From within the 16th century city wall, across the empty alleys with the historical landmarks, deserted souvenir stalls and abandoned gardens, strolling among the local residents and stray cats, I found a rare opportunity to search for that ‘sacred presence’. There was a space to observe, reconnect and embrace the tranquillity. The holiness of the place became natural and could be felt on a personal level, as if Shekhina existed in every corner. It ignited within me the inspiration and a will to connect with the surroundings and myself.


    Perhaps, I thought, hidden from the outside world, Shekhina lurks within one’s feelings and deep desires, awaiting a moment of quite and mindful presence to be discovered.

    Ministry of Tourism

    Israeli Chamber of Commerce

    Embassy of Israel in china

    Choi Centre·Cloud House

    Photo credit: ZHANG Yangyang