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  • ReBirth: Encounter with Nature

    This exhibition explores the environmental restoration and environmental awareness through installation, photography, painting and video works by 11 Chinese and European artists

    April 26th to June 31st, 2022

    Rehabilitation and environmental awareness are the underlying themes of the Rebirth exhibition. This exhibition however focuses above all on today’s encounter between man and nature - and in particular, its elements: water, clouds, rocked, lava, dust, fire, plants, etc.


    As the featured Chinese and European artists are interested in our symbolic relation with nature, the essence of its elements, or use art to speak out about their involvement in the battle for environmental protection, they all cast installations, photographies, paintings, and videos that echo the unique space of the Choi Center·Cloud House.


    The Choi Center·Cloud House is a rehabilitation place constructed with over 200.000 bricks and wood beams from the Qing era, salvaged across Beijing’s old city during its renovation. The house is located at the intersection of nature and the city. Looking at the north, rural China stretches endlessly while Beijing’s multiple skyscrapers draw the skyline towards the south, the Choi Center·Cloud House aspires to link its cultural programs with its environmental commitments.

    Special presented by Choi Centre for the grand opening of Cloud House
    A group exhibition with 11 artists coming from China and Europe
    Hicham Berrada (Marocco / France)
    Vanja Bucan (Slovenia / Germany)
    Charlotte Charbonnel (France)
    Guo Gong (China)
    Huang Rui (China)
    Liu Wa & Yang Bao (China / USA)
    Fabrice Monteiro (Belgium / Senegal)
    Shi Guowei (China)
    Anaïs Tonder (France)
    Wiktoria (Poland / France)
    Curator: Berenice Angremy
    Producer : Doors门艺