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  • Nocturnes avec Yabin Wang

    Lunar. From night with love.

    February 26th, 2020

    Nocturnes is a newly-minted monthly program that passionately celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of France through the artistic visions of illustrious Chinese creatives. Embracing the evocative theme of the night, this program invites guests to embark on an enchanting nocturnal journey - a captivating immersion in the subtle interplay between light and shadow, where the human form is unveiled as an enigmatic masterpiece amidst a landscape of chiaroscuro. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Paris of the 1930s, as immortalized by the legendary French photographer Brassaï, Nocturnes imbues each moment with a sense of transcendent beauty that leaves guests feeling utterly spellbound.


    Yabin Wang, a luminary in the world of dance, is a visionary choreographer and prodigious dancer hailing from Tianjin. Her love affair with the art form began at the tender age of 9, and her passion for traditional Chinese dance has been her life's work. With her extensive training from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy and the Beijing Film Academy, she has also honed her skills in the realms of ballet and contemporary dance.


    Her choreographic masterpieces, including the enchanting Genesis, The Moon Opera, An Individual Soliloquy, World, and La Dame de la Mer, have graced the stages of some of the most illustrious venues in Asia. Her exceptional talent has earned her several prestigious accolades, including numerous wins in dance competitions in China and invitations to perform on the global stage.


    In 2009, she embarked on an ambitious journey of self-discovery by establishing her dance company, Yabin Studio. Her unique contribution to the art form was recognized when the English National Ballet was awarded Outstanding Achievement in Dance at the Olivier Awards with Mastercard in 2017, for expanding the boundaries of its repertoire with Giselle by Akram Khan and She Said, featuring choreography by Yabin Wang, Aszure Barton, and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. In 2018, she created a solo for the Wondrous Women program at the American Dance Festival's 85th edition. That same year, she collaborated with the renowned British director Tim Supple for the production of Shakespeare's Tempest at the NCPA.


    Yabin Wang's remarkable artistic journey was further celebrated when she was appointed the godmother of the 12th edition of the Croisements festival, cementing her status as an icon in the world of dance.


    Design and choreography: Yabin Wang
    Performers: Yabin Wang, Yapeng Zhang, Lu Fan, Shuai Li
    Cello: Zhao Song
    Event View of “Nocturnes - Lunar. From night with Love de Yabin WANG”

    Courtesy of French Embassy in China