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  • More Than Human: Sinking Afternoon

    collaborative support by EUNIC (European Union National Institutes of Culture) and Blanc Art Group for our event

    June 11th, 2023

    The Choi Centre Cloud House is delighted to showcase collaborative support by EUNIC (European Union National Institutes of Culture) and Blanc Art Group for our event. Introducing "More Than Human," an artistic event curated and produced by DOSSIER.


    More Than Human is open from 27 May to 23 July 2023.


    The project is inspired by post-humanism: the subversion and reimagining of all forms of humanist structures. This is done through a focus on post-human subjects — beings that are rendered sub- and non-human or choose to exist within the non-human realm. By exploring their lived experiences, resilience and imagination, we seek to dismantle our anthropocentric views of humanity.


    More Than Human will feature over twenty artists from different countries and socio-cultural backgrounds and will comprise of an exhibition and a series of live performances, panel talks, film screenings and workshops.


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    Beio, artist and interface engineer, lives and works in Beijing. His creative effort engages dance, performance, theater, script writing and stage acting. His works have appeared on the legendary stage of Club Berghain in Berlin and other prestigious venues such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Drama Festival in Tokyo and Vienna Festival.


    8LACKB is a Tibetan performer from the Tibetan plateau, engaged in different mediums of expression, returning to the search for the inner self on top of the barren soil.


    Human is a Chinese performer that focuses on experimental forms of performances as well as improvisation. Their performances explore relationships as well as the vulnerabilities of people. They recently launched the performance project, Humanoid.


    shuwen uses images, performances, costumes and other media to expand the boundaries of fantasy, using them to tell stories about the past as well as his own stories.


    Co-founder of music label DCYY, creator of CITY MIX. Currently fascinated by mixing Techno through a wide range of collections. A picky but not selective type of music predator. According to the time, scene, and party, for every time mixing and kneading, to feel fresh and immersed in the dance floor. Our friendship is useless, so it is destined to be pure. Come to FAFA's park and be useless, pure ravers together.

    Poster Courtsey of DOSSIER

    Image Courtsey of Cloud House