It has been a year since the opening of Choi Centre Cloud House, and what a magnificent journey it has been! Over the past year, we have been honing our craft, dividing our business into TWO major segments:


    Choi Centre

    a cultural exchange center established by Jonathan K.S. Choi Foundation, with Choi Centre Cloud House as its main base of operation, focusing on cultural diplomacy exhibitions and events.


    Cloud House Production

    dedicated to exhibition project production, cultural consulting and strategy, and curation.


    These two segments are rooted in the historical genes of the foundation and the Choi Centre Cloud House. Our mansion’s natural geographic location and historical background make it a cultural crossroads between China and other regions of the world. As such, we are committed to providing a platform for artists and scholars from around the globe to gather at Cloud House, to exchange ideas and build bridges of communication between individuals and organizations. 

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    The official opening of Choi Centre Cloud House in April 2022.


    As an institution operated by a foundation from Hong Kong, China, Cloud House is committed to promoting Hong Kong and its local art and culture. We are dedicated to supporting emerging artists and promoting the positive role of art in global issues, which has always been the cornerstone of our projects.


    Looking to the future, we are committed to expanding the project schedule of Cloud House, ensuring the inclusivity of our cultural exchange center and maximizing the presentation of artworks. We plan to introduce more diversified artists and art forms, and through cooperation with other organizations, expand our influence and coverage in the global cultural field, and participate more deeply in broader cultural and artistic discussions. 


    In summary, we are proud of our achievements in the past year and look forward to the possibilities of the future. We will maintain our vitality, continue to be a free space for cultural exchange and dialogue, and cordially invite you to continue to pay attention to us, and participate in shaping the future of our institution. 


    Over the past year, there have been

    11 exhibitions

    15 events

    3 important collaborations


    In the coming year, there will be

    1 major annual exhibition at the Choi Centre Cloud House

    3 important international collaborative projects

    Over 20 cultural activities specifically designed for the public


    As summer approaches, we are about to unveil our plans for the new year. We hope that you can join us in anticipating these exciting developments, and we also hope that there will be opportunities for you to collaborate with Choi Centre Cloud House in creating a vibrant future.