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  • Coloring the Peaks

    Dialogue between Slovenian and Chinese national cultural symbols

    March 15th to 20th, 2022

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    On March 14th, 2022, “COLOURING THE PEAKS: A dialogue between Slovenian and Chinese cultural symbols” opened at Choi Centre · Cloud House. The exhibition will last for seven days, until March 20th.


    The exhibition is co-hosted by Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Beijing and Choi Centre · Cloud House. At the invitation of the Slovenian Embassy, Cloud House will present a "cultural dialogue" between Slovenia and China, using their respective representative symbols or colors as the starting point to jointly create an exclusive symbol representing the friendship between the two countries.


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    At “COLOURING THE PEAKS”, viewers can see the graphic cultural research of Slovenian artist Emil Kozole on Slovenia’s iconic "Three Peaks" symbol over the past four years. Among the more than 400 symbols he collected, he will exhibit 12 of the most representative ones; at the same time, as a famous Slovenian graphic artist, Kozole combined Chinese colors and Slovenia's "Three Peaks" to create a unique new logo for this exhibition. At the exhibition, the audience will also be invited to use beautiful Chinese pigments to add their own colors to this new logo.


    On the day of the opening, TOLI, the ice which comes from the Triglav Mountain, the highest peak in Slovenia, for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and calling for attention to global warming, were also exhibited in the atrium of Cloud House at the same time. The protagonist of the exhibition - the "Three Peaks" symbol, which symbolizes the national spirit of Slovenia, echoes from afar. TOLI will continue to be exhibited in the atrium of Cloud House until the end of the exhibition.


    At the opening cocktail party, Slovenian Ambassador to China Alenka Suhadolnik, Dr. Jonathan Choi, Chairman of Sunwah Group and Jonathan K. S. Choi Foundation, Slovenian artist Emil Kozole and Teacher of Slovene at the University of Ljubljana and Beijing Foreign Studies University delivered their speech respectively. While congratulating the opening of the exhibition, they expressed concern for environmental issues and good wishes for future cultural exchanges between China and Slovenia.

    Guests at the opening from China included government officials from the European Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Jiangtai Township. The foreign guests included the Ambassador of Slovenia (Alenka Suhadolnik), the Ambassador of Austria (Andreas Riecken), the Ambassador of Croatia (Dario Mihelin), the Ambassador of Sweden (Helena Sångeland), as well as embassies or cultural institutions from 15 European countries.



    Emil Kozole is a Slovenian designer who develops his works in the context of socio-political structures. He focuses on the contextual use of graphic design as an investigation in fields such as internet identity, digital surveillance and new technologies. His artworks have been commissioned and exhibited internationally and featured in numerous magazines such as Wired, Le Monde and Der Spiegel. In 2015 and 2019 he won a Grand Prix award at Slovenian biennale of Visual communication with Studio Ljudje.

    Exhibition View of “COLOURING THE PEAKS: A dialogue between Slovenian and Chinese cultural symbols”

    Courtesy of Choi Centre · Cloud House