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  • 2023 Art Appreciation & Investment Exchange by West Summit

    March 29th, 2023

    The 2023 Art Appreciation & Investment Exchange hosted by West Summit successfully concluded at the Choi Centre Cloud House in Beijing.


    China's international influence is increasing significantly, both culturally and technologically. The unparalleled charm of the Chinese nation requires more efficient communication platforms, and the Choi Centre Cloud House aims to serve as a bridge for communication between China and the world.


    In terms of architectural design, the Choi Centre Cloud House skillfully integrates traditional Chinese elements with contemporary Western designs from renowned architects from the Netherlands and China. Additionally, it has established strategic partnerships with the French Embassy and the cultural associations of EU countries, providing a platform for global artists and scholars to exchange and collaborate.


    Echoing the venue's essence, this event aimed to promote a compound acute insight combining art and technology, pushing the development of future technologies with a forward-looking perspective.


    The event showcased numerous works from renowned artists, such as Qi Baishi's "Begonia Flowers," Li Linjia's "Tribute to Poetry and Painting" and "Image and Poetry," and Chen Yifei's "Zhouzhuang."


    Leaders from government departments, academic experts in the field of science and technology, investors, and pioneering entrepreneurs gathered to appreciate these masterpieces. They also engaged in brainstorming sessions, discussing the future of technology from macroeconomic trends, entrepreneurial shifts, investment strategies, to specific industry opportunities.


    Art and technology often share a common spirit. Just as masters like Qi Baishi elevate vivid images from everyday life into innovative realms, expanding the expressive boundaries of traditional literati painters, the field of technology also requires innovators to create new possibilities.

    In recent years, China's influence in global hard technology innovation has been growing significantly. Bearing the great mission of the Chinese nation's resurgence, many innovators are forging ahead: they rely on solid technological strength to overcome obstacles in a turbulent international landscape; they advance with passion in the tide of a new era; they explore future technology and industry innovations with intelligence and decisiveness.


    So, in the era of hard technology, what potential entrepreneurial and investment opportunities exist in the popular fields of semiconductors, sensors, and ChatGPT? How should Chinese innovation face global challenges?


    In the early 20th century, Italian futurist artists praised the beauty of speed and power brought by modern technology in their manifestos. Art and technology, the former rich in emotional color and the latter more rational, actually share a common spirit: both create new and unique living organisms.


    Art and technology should be integrated, as demonstrated by this cross-disciplinary dialogue of "The Charm of Ink and Mount Hua," exploring the hazy beauty presented by futurism. The future has arrived, full of vitality. As pioneers, West Summit will continue to forge ahead, helping to explore more possibilities in the era of technology.