• On September 26, the 10th Mois franco-chinois de l’environnement (Franco-Chinese Environment Month) was launched at the Cloud House of the Choi Centre. The French Ambassador to China, Bertrand Lortholary, Cui Dandan, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the promotion ambassador for this year’s Environment Month, renowned actress Tan Zhuo, attended the event.


    During the 10th Franco-Chinese Environment Month, various activities targeting different audiences will be held across the country, allowing the public to better understand the significance of reconstructing lifestyles and learn how to better protect the Earth.


    This year’s Franco-Chinese Environment Month has received substantial support from the talented actress and artist, Ms. Tan Zhuo. She actively participates in environmental public welfare activities, promotes ecological lifestyles, and emphasizes environmental education for the next generation. She is also dedicated to artistic creation, exploring the relationship between humanity, the environment, and the universe through her works.


    Climate change, biodiversity degradation, and environmental pollution are increasingly impacting our daily lives. The ecological crisis forces us to change our relationship with the world. The challenges span various fields. We must learn to "live differently" to move towards a more sustainable path and embrace a shared future. Fifteen years ago, French anthropologist and sociologist Bruno Latour wrote: "The ecological crisis forces us to reconstruct every aspect of our lifestyles down to the smallest details, such as the fibers of our clothes, the exhaust pipes of our cars, and the windows of our houses... a revolution of caution and care..."


    Although the challenges are unprecedented, each of us can do our part. It is with the spirit of collective effort that the Franco-Chinese Environment Month has been committed to promoting environmental cooperation between China and France and raising public awareness of environmental issues through a variety of activities since its inception in 2014.